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Department of Life Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo

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The University of Tokyo

東京大学バナー.gifTOP Page

教養学部バナー.gifGraduate School of Arts and Sciences

生命環境バナー.gifDepartment of Life Sciences
(Japanese ONLY)

生物科学バナー.gifDepartment of Biol. Sciences
(Grad. Sch. Sci.)

Academic Societies

植物生理学会バナー.gifJapanese Society of Plant Physiologists

植物学会バナー.gifThe Botanical Society of Japan

光合成学会バナー.gifThe Japanese Society of Photosynthesis Research (Japanese ONLY)

_NowPrinting.jpgJapanese Association of Plant Lipid Researchers

Related Laboratories

西田研究室.gifSaitama University
Nishida Laboratory (Japanese ONLY)

太田増田研究室.gifTokyo Tech.
Ohta/Shimojima Laboratory (Japanese ONLY)

増田研究室.gifThe University of Tokyo
Masuda Laboratory

Plant Science Center