Koichi Kobayashi LINK/Wada & Kobayashi Lab

Department of Life Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo

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LinkIconUniv. Tokyo, Tatsuru Masuda Lab.
Tetrapyrrole metabolism and chloroplast biogenesis in higher plants.
LinkIconTokyo Tech., H. Ohta and S. Masuda Lab.
Lipid metabolism in plants and photosynthetic bacteria, Chloroplast biogenesis, Jasmonate signaling.
LinkIconShizuoka Univ., K Awai Lab.
Physiology, metabolism, evolution and function of lipids in the photosynthetic membranes.
LinkIconRIKEN PSC, K. Sugimoto Lab.
Regulation of cell proliferation, cell differentiation and organ development in higher plants.
LinkIconUniversity of Cambridge, A. Smith Lab.
Tetrapyrrole and vitamin metabolism in plants and bacteria, algal biotechnology for bioenergy production.
LinkIconUniversity of Turku, EM. Aro Lab.
Biosynthesis, performance and acclimation of photosynthetic machineries in plant and photosynthetic bacteria.
LinkIconUC Berkeley, K. Niyogi Lab.
Light responses and photoprotection mechanisms of photosynthesis in plants and algae.

Academic Societies

LinkIconJapanese Association of Plant Lipid Researchers
JAPLR aims to promote researches and interactions in the field of plant lipid sciences.
LinkIconThe Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
JSPP is one of the largest organizations for plant scientists in Japan.Plant and Cell Physiology(PCP) is the official publication of JSPP.
LinkIconThe Botanical Society of Japan
BSJ aims to promote studies of all the fields of Botany and to disseminate botanical knowledge.Journal of Plant Research(JPR) is the official publication of BSJ.